Statistics of the Diocese

(i) Number of Priests
Diocesan - 58
Religious - 5

(ii) Number of Rev. Sisters
Diocesan -
Religious - 56

(iii) Number of Rev. Brothers
Diocesan -
Religious - 

(iv) Number of Seminarians
Minor 30
Major 20

(v) Nationalities of Foreign Missionaries: India, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, Ireland, Togo, USA.

(vi) Number of Catechists - 426

(vii) Number of Catholics - 51,020

Lay people

(i) Adults 35 years and above

Male 6,318
Female 10,585

(ii) Youth 15-35

Male 8,009
Female 12,262

(iii) Children up to 15 years 13,446

(viii) Number of Non Catholics  (a) Members of other Christian denominations 445,263

(b) Followers of non-Christian religions or cults 61, 133

(c) Total non-Catholics (a+b)  506, 396

(ix) Total population (Catholics and non-Catholics) 700,154

About Us

The Catholic Diocese of Goaso is the sixteenth diocese in Ghana to be created by the Holy Father Pope John Paul II. Until October 1997, the Catholic Diocese of Goaso was part of the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani.

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