General Statistics

General Statistics of the Diocese

Total Number of Catholics                             63,533
Total Number of Diocesan Priests                   72
Total Number of Diocesan Priests in the Diocese      51
Total Number of Diocesan Priests outside the Country/Diocese 21
Total Number of Fidei Donum Priests                       0
Total Number of Priests Religious                  7
Total Number of Ghanaian Religious Brothers –
Total Number of Ghanaian Sisters                  35
Total Number of Expatriate Sisters                33
Total Number of Catechists                            471


School             Number                      No. of Students
Kindergarten                    76                        18,400
Primary                            78                       74,965
Secondary (JHS and SHS) 56                     10,129

About us

The Catholic Diocese of Goaso is the sixteenth diocese in Ghana to be created by the Holy Father Pope John Paul II. Until October 1997, the Catholic Diocese of Goaso was part of the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani. The installation of the current and first Bishop, Most Rev. Peter Kwaku Atuahene, took place on Sunday, February 8, 1998, at Goaso.

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